Entering Numbers That Start With A Zero

Entering Numbers That Start With A Zero In Excel

        Excel won't display the leading zeros by default in cell.
When user entered the leading zeros, Excel applies the General numeric format and removes out the leading zero. Excel won't display  the leading 0 digit .

As a solution, the following ways can be applied :
An apostrophe character (') is put precede the value . In this way ,user notifies to Excel the value is text because it's left-aligned . The apostrophe can be seen  in the Formula bar.

excel leading zero

 The cell is selected.
Right-click on the selected cell or range and choose Format Cells from the context menu.
The Number tab is clicked.
Custom is selected from the Category list.
In the Type field, the number 0 required to accommodate the largest value is entered. For example, if the largest value contains four digits, four 0 is entered.

        But, this format can't be used with decimal values. For example,the value .8 entered , this format rounds the value to 1. To accommodate decimal values, placeholders for the appropriate number of digits are entered . For instance, if it is wanted to display four digits to the left and two digits to the right of the decimal,  the custom format 0000.00 is entered.

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