Excel VBA Dictionary (Catalog) Form

Excel VBA Dictionary Userform

        It can be used as an application such as dictionary, index.
For example, we entered the names of the vitamins to column A and entered descriptions of vitamins to column B.
The data in column A of the sheet is filled to the combobox on the userform.

The value corresponding to the item selected from the combobox is fetched from the column B and displayed on label under the combobox.

The used codes to increase the width of the UserForm:
Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
Dim X, d, yuk As Integer
If CommandButton4.Caption = "8" And Data_Form.Width = 410 Then
For d = 1 To 158
yuk = 410
Data_Form.Width = yuk - d
ComboBoxTopics.Enabled = True
ComboBoxTopics.ListIndex = 0
CommandButton4.Caption = "9"
Exit Sub
End If
If CommandButton4.Caption = "9" And Data_Form.Width = 252 Then
For X = 1 To 158
yuk = 252
Data_Form.Width = yuk + X
ComboBoxTopics.Enabled = False
CommandButton4.Caption = "8"
End If
End Sub


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