Play Musical Notes In Excel

Excel VBA Play Music Notes

excel play music notes

           Musical notes (piano notes) can be played with buttons and functional keys in Excel.

Ago, we added buttons to the worksheet .Then ,we assigned the macros to these buttons to play the music notes(.wav files) that are in the same place as the workbook. Example ;
Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
  Call sndPlaySound32(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\a1.wav", 0)
  End Sub

 If desired music notes can be played with function keys F1, F2 etc. We used the following codes for this process :
Sub A_1()
    Call sndPlaySound32(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\a1.wav", 0)
End Sub
Sub auto_open()
Application.OnKey "{F1}", "A_1"
End Sub

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