Option Buttons Usage In Excel Userform

Using Option Button Controls In Excel Userform -Flight Information Registration Form

         📔This userform is prepared for recording the flight stats.
There are a lot of option buttons (form control) in this userform. Option buttons are activated or not activated depending on the situation.For example :
Private Sub OptVIP_Click()
OptChild.Enabled = False
OptInfant.Enabled = False
OptinJ = True
OptRtnJ = True
OptinJ.Enabled = False
OptRtnJ.Enabled = False
OptInY.Enabled = False
OptinZ.Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub OptAdult_Click()
OptUnMin.Enabled = False
OptYoungPers.Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub OptChild_Click()
OptUnMin.Enabled = True
OptYoungPers.Enabled = True
End Sub

Also the date userform is used , to enter date automatically into text boxes.

excel option buttons

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