Calling Image From Another Page With Combobox

Calling Image From Another Page

- Let's create picture names and pictures. Let's place picture names and pictures without overflow into the cells .(see “resim” page)

-Firstly let us define Name- it is Liste :

-Let's use "Liste" name  for data validation in C8 and bottom cells.
-Let's create the field names for  to be displayed pictures in each cell . Here ,you can use the field name you want :
Resim1a =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$8;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim1p =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$9;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim2p =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$11;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim2t =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$12;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim3t =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$13;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)

-Let's copy pictures and place to D8, D9, D10, D11 and  D12  cells.

-Let's select D8 cell, later let's write the field name we given  to formula bar :


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