Excel Calling Image From Another Sheet With Combobox

Excel VBA Calling Image From Other Sheet

 Let's create picture names and pictures. Let's place picture names and pictures without overflow into the cells .(see “resim” page)

Firstly let us define Name- it is Liste :

Let's use "Liste" name  for data validation in C8 and bottom cells.
Let's create the field names for  to be displayed pictures in each cell . Here ,you can use the field name you want :

Resim1a =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$8;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim1p =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$9;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim2p =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$11;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim2t =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$12;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)
Resim3t =OFFSET(resim!$C$2;MATCH(Weather!$C$13;Liste;0)-1;0;1;1)

Let's copy pictures and place to D8, D9, D10, D11 and  D12  cells.

Let's select D8 cell, later let's write the field name we given to formula bar :


excel get image from other sheet
excel get image other sheet offset formula

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